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How Popular is Online Radio Today?

90One of many interesting activities that has brought entertainment and information to people is online radio. Consumers can have easy access to their favorite music on radio station that provides the service. These Internet music radio stations can be easily accessed through laptops and mobile phones especially those that have Internet access. With thousands of International city radio stations available, it is no doubt why listening to online radio hit the global market in just few years time.

The birth of online radio is not that important to people who already have other source of music entertainment. Same as IPods and mp3’s, online radio is another music source wherein people can listen to music anytime they want. The only difference is that users can listen to live radio on Internet, fresh news and updates from various countries with no additional cost. Same as listening to traditional radio, it also broadcasts radio stations that use frequency during airtime. Users may feel the excitement of listening to live radio since they can also experience jockeys talking from other country. There are also talk radio stations that share information, news, and sports events.

Online radio was on a dormant stage during the times that users experienced various technical difficulties with the website. These include poor sound quality in some radio stations, while others have less number of live radio stations available. One of its common drawbacks is that it won’t work if there is no Internet connection since online radio works via live streaming. There are also thousands of websites that offer free online radio streaming, but they cater limited number of available radio stations online.

Today, as many companies show interest to online radio, better quality of the software has been enhanced. It has more features and is now accessible to almost all the countries. Sound quality has also greatly improved, as well as the available number of Internet live radio stations. One feature of radio software streaming device is that users can get listen to their favorite music from top-list music stations all around the globe. Music under this software is categorized into various genres, from which users can choose their style of music. Through this software, millions of people are able to listen to foreign music, such as country songs, R&B, ballad, rock, and alternative music. It is easier to access thousands of online radio station using a web radio player since the server itself identifies those known radio channels abroad. Aside from it gives easy access to users, it is also beneficial and convenient to those people who stayed in other countries, yet still want to get updated with the latest happenings in their own land. Not only that they get teenager’s attention, but they are also used by most professionals today.

This simple yet sophisticated type of modern music media improves people’s perception of music, both local and International. Its easy access to worldwide music adds excitement and thrill to users wherever they may be.

Online Radio – An Avatar of Traditional Radio

89Online radio is an innovation that has changed the way the world entertains and does business. Radio stations worldwide can be enjoyed over the internet. It also gives businesses’ marketing strategy a new dimension.

With internet technology taking over the communication industry, traditional radio has taken a new avatar… radio on internet. Developers are now busy finding new and more efficient ways for integrating the radio to the internet. Radio streaming on the net has produced a number of audiences that conventional radio has never enjoyed before.

Radio on Internet: What It Is?

Audio stream is transmitted to listeners via a continuous stream over the World Wide Web. This enables users all across the world download radio software programs and listen to worldwide streaming of internet music stations, right in the comfort of their homes. This is different from podcasting as people are not required to download individual radio stations of their choice. The radio broadcasts streams freely sans any media device.

Radio on Internet: Entertainment Value

Online music stations are basically local music radio stations from different parts of the world. This enables you to listen to music according to your taste. The easy-to-use control panel, upon installation of the streaming software, enables users to quickly access worldwide radio stations with a clear reception. You can now find the radio station you prefer just by choosing either the particular region or the music genre. When you choose a region or music genre, you will get a list of radio stations broadcasting specifically on the genre.

Online radio music is also executable in a USB flash drive. The device allows the user to download the radio software straight to the flash drive. With this device, you can listen to your favorite programs anywhere in the world. The device is compact and can be easily carried, letting you entertain yourself anytime you want.

Radio on Internet: Business Value

Businesses can rope in radio on internet for their marketing strategy. They can partner with internet radio stations to promote their brand and message out to their consumers. Talk programs are the best way for creating a buzz about products. You can get experts or guests talking about the utility, benefits of your product, thus highlighting it.

Many online radio stations bear close resemblance to social media outlets. They invite the end users to comment or share what they think about related topics with the hosts and participants. This helps business managers to determine what the general public thinks about their products or services. After all, feedback carries great importance for every business. This feedback can be used for the betterment of the products.

Catchy infomercials are the key to captivate people on the internet. An intelligently produced commercial would drive people to the website or business, taking up the volumes in tandem. As the medium is not limited to any particular geographical or demographic region, advertising on internet radio would give the business an international audience base.

For enjoying radio on internet, you can use the services of several communications convergence technology providers. This would enhance your experience of online entertainment.

Audio Streaming the Future

88Is satellite radio the future or just a stepping-stone to something different?

Satellite radio is popular because it airs multiple channels commercial free and is often standard in many new car purchases (with a temporary paid subscription).

HD radio is another method used by terrestrial radio stations to improve their listenership, but very few listeners are spending the money to purchase an HD receiver, which remains largely unavailable.

Let me see if this makes sense. Satellite radio has been problematic because there are still enough people who enjoy FREE radio. Many can tolerate the commercial content in order to hear music they like at no cost.

Many on air hosts who have had satellite radio shows have ultimately sought release from their contract because the total number of listeners remains much smaller than a traditional terrestrial radio network.

Audio streaming as pertains to Internet broadcasting may be the future especially in urban areas where wi-fi zones are prominent.

There are those that argue the point, but one has to wonder if a mechanism that would allow individuals to receive audio streaming in their automobiles might render both satellite and HD radio an obsolete method of audio delivery.

Already consumers can find portable Internet radio players that will record programs for later playback. Again, there are those that indicate any standard mp3 player could do something similar, but in a world where Internet radio could be played anywhere the possibilities for listening choices expands infinitely.

For instance not every audio interest is represented via satellite or HD radio, but listeners have a virtually unlimited choice of audio streams via the Internet.

Home devices are already available that will retransmit an Internet audio stream via a home stereo. Users report enjoying the ability to listen to a program, personality or music they do not have the ability to hear any other way.

The potential for Internet radio is that it benefits existing radio stations as well as Internet audio streaming providers. If, for instance, a family is moving from one location to another, but they have an emotional connection to a regional radio station they can effectively take that station with them.

Most audio streaming providers will tell you they have listeners on a global scale. Because most Internet audio streams are available without a fee this type of audio stream is very similar to traditional radio. It is more commonly available and may be utilized more on an overall basis than satellite and HD radio combined.

People are fulfilling their audio needs through a variety of sources, but the hard times faced by HD and satellite radio may simply pave the way for the next generation of audio delivery.

Internet audio streaming may be a bit like traditional radio in one sense. In order to survive many of them need advertising revenue to keep the service free. This could come in the form of audio advertisements, but it can also come in visual ads on the website or by providing an affiliate link for listeners to purchase the music being played with a percentage of the sale going back to the audio stream provider.

No matter how you look at it the audio stream has to be paid for in some way and Internet providers are finding creative ways to do that as they attempt to make the future an act of the present.

Scott Lindsay is a web developer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of HighPowerSites and many other web projects.

Audio-Streaming – What Is It’s Future?

87Some of the top reasons that satellite radio is so trendy right now are that there are no commercials and in many new cars it is already installed so there is no need to install the receiver yourself. However, many people cannot justify the cost of satellite radio and audio streaming when there is free radio still available from the stereo in their car. They will listen to the commercials or have learned to tune them out over the years in order to save money.

Audio-streaming is most popular over the internet for things such as radio, music, television and sports among other programming choices. It is popular in urban areas because Wi-Fi is widely available and the younger generations who are more knowledgeable about internet use it. Some critics speculate about when audio-streaming will be available through an in car device just like satellite radio now. Of course the invention of something like this would phase out satellite radio at some point.

There is really an unlimited amount of content that can be streamed from the Internet, much more than from satellite or HD radio. Even though they are in the beginning stages there are players for streaming Internet radio that are portable and can be used in the car and some even for the home. People use Internet audio streams to listen to programming that they may not be able to find on their local TV or radio stations.

Internet audio-streaming can benefit free radio stations that exist now because people can still listen to their favorite local stations even if they move away to a new location where that certain stations signal does not reach. As well as benefitting the radio stations it will benefit the Internet audio streaming providers as well. Most providers of audio-streaming have listeners worldwide because their service is available for free, but is comparable to conventional free radio.

Internet streaming audio may be the next generation of the delivery of audio. It will of course still most likely need to have advertising to remain free to listeners, but with the wide variety of programming available it could outgrow the popularity of satellite radio.

The History Of Online Radio

86Early commercial broadcasts in the traditional radio format have been happening since the 1920s. The first live internet exclusive radio broadcast was Seattle based rock group Sky Cries Mary and took place on the 10th November 1994. It was broadcast by Starwave a digital media start up owned by Paul Allen.

During the same month, just a week later the Rolling Stones had a concert that was the “first major cyberspace multicast concert.”

Also during the same month WXYC were the first traditional radio station to announce broadcasting on the internet. WXYC had begun testing bandwidth and broadcasting in August 1994. On the same day WREK using CyberRadio1 software started streaming their beta launch and advertising of their stream did not happen until later on.

In 1995 a free download called RealAudio was released by Progressive Networks. It was reported by Time magazine that it took “advantage of the latest advances in digital compression” and delivered “AM radio-quality sound in so-called real time.” Shortly after Nullsoft and Microsoft released free downloads of audio players with streaming capabilities. More and more online radio stations started to spring up as audio player software become more readily available.

One of the earliest American 24-7 internet radio stations licensed by BMI and ASCAP was, which was created by Edward Lyman.

In the same year Europe’s first radio station to broadcast its traditional program on the internet in full was Virgin Radio in London. It was available 24 hours a day and was a live version of its FM signal.

At the end of the 1990s internet radio started to attract huge investor and media attention. In the United States in 1998 set a record in it initial public stock offering for the largest jump in price in stock offerings. The offer price was $18, whereas the opening price for shares was $68 when trading opened on the first day. This was more surprising considering that the company was losing money at the time and they themselves had stated in one of their prospectuses that they didn’t expect that tot change anytime soon. On the 20th July 1999 Yahoo bought the company for $5.7 billion.

In 1998 in Sydney, Australia NetFM’s The Vinyl Lounge (longest running internet radio show) started net casting.

After 2000 stream quality improved as bandwidth became cheaper and today most stations stream somewhere between 64 kilobits per second and 128 kilobits per second which is close to being CD quality radio.